Ivy Circle Deutschland

Ivy Circle Deutschland is a network of alumni of leading American and British universities. The initial Ivy Circle (www.ivycircle.nl) launched in 2008 in the Netherlands. Ivy Circle Deutschland organized in 2015.

Each city has different participating alumni association and club chapters, reflecting the particular distribution of each institution’s alumni. Berlin has over 900 alumni members. Munich and Rhein-Ruhr have both more than 500 alumni members. Rhein-Main has more than 1000 alumni members. New chapters in Hamburg and Rhein-Neckar are in the process of being established.

Alumni of Ivy Circle member institutions can automatically attend Ivy Circle events by joining their alumni association or club. Representatives from each alumni association or club chapter distribute and post event invitations to their alumni members.

Ivy Circle Deutschland has no individual alumni members. Participating alumni club and association chapters are listed for each city or region.