Members Rhein-Ruhr

Organizing Alumni Associations and Clubs in Rhein-Ruhr

Association or ClubRepresentativeContact Email
Princeton Alumni Association of GermanyDavid T. Fisher[email protected]
Wharton Alumni Club of Germany and AustriaN.A. N.A.
Kellogg Alumni Club of GermanyHarald Fett [email protected]
Columbia Alumni Association of GermanyPhilipp Stallknecht [email protected]
Cornell Club of GermanyRuthie Levy [email protected]
Chicago Booth Alumni Club of GermanySebastian Lüttringhaus [email protected]
Brown Club of GermanyShane Sabine [email protected]
MIT Club of GermanyRichard Geibel [email protected]
Freunde der LSE e.V.Manuel Geggus [email protected]

For further information about Ivy Circle in the Rhein-Ruhr region,
please contact Ruthie Levy.