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The Ivy Circle Munich “Stammtisch”, also there are more special events to come! -> Stay tuned!

The Ivy Circle Munich “Stammtisch” meets once a quarter and gives all participants the opportunity to deepen existing contacts and get to know new people with similar background. Over a beer or a good glass of wine alumni from different schools not just get new insights in business but also have the opportunity to gain new friends.

Additional community events over and above the “Stammtisch” (e.g. visits of cultural events, project presentations, leisure time activities, speaker events) take place on a case by case basis. All participating universities/schools are very welcome to initiate and/or support such additional community events.

All events are being announced by email via the participating universities/schools and also on this web-site.

Our last meeting / “Stammtisch” took place on June 29, 2023. The next “Stammtisch” is planned to take place in September.

More in person events are to come in 2023!


For any details and/or inquires please get in touch with Clemens Rinnebach via [email protected]

In the Salon with Kai Strittmatter: A Journalist’s Critical Lens on China on July 7

The Harvard Club of Munich invites you to the event “im Gespräch mit … : Kai Strittmatter Über China und eine Diktatur, die näher kommt” (In Conversation with: Kai Strittmatter about China and a Dictatorship that is Getting Closer”) facilitated by das salonfestival. Join us on Tuesday, July 7 at 19:30 as we partake in a virtual Salon-style discussion with Kai Strittmatter, who will share his opinions and journalist’s perspective on China’s governance, global positioning, and Europe’s relationship with China.


AN EVENING WITH DAVID FRUM by Dialogues on Democracy

Writer, Political Commentator, intellectual leader of the American conservative movement

A post-Trump America? 

How to renew American world leadership after Trump.

Thursday 25 June 2020

8:00pm CEST

No registration required.


You may submit questions for David during the live event on the YouTube chat page, or ahead of time to [email protected]

Munich Dialogues on Democracy “Hope, Never Fear”: A Personal Portrait of the Obamas by award-winning photographer Callie Shell on March 6

Munich Dialogues on Democracy together with The Yale Club of Germany are inviting you to an exclusive evening of art and music, drinks and finger food.

Join us for a last chance to see the wildly successful exhibit “Hope, Never Fear”: A Personal Portrait of the Obamas by award-winning photographer Callie Shell. The exhibit officially closes to the public on March 1st, but our partners at Amerikahaus have offered us the chance for a private viewing with an introduction by the President of Amerikahaus, Dr. Meike Zwingenberger, who will also offer information about several of the photos throughout the evening.

March 6th, RSVP required to [email protected]

Munich Dialogues on Democracy An Evening with Timothy Snyder on December 3rd, 2019


Today in the United States as well as in Europe, we spend the present defending what is at risk, and the future appears chiefly as a threat. Yet the very idea of freedom, once central in democratic societies, depends upon a vision of the future. In this lecture Professor Snyder will address the deep threats to freedom, and the possibilities for a future with greater freedom.

Timothy ­Snyder, Levin Professor of History at Yale and a Permanent Fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna, will explore and explain his latest research about current risks and perils in democratic societies, and possible solutions.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at 6:30pm
Venue:A320/HauptgebäudeLudwig-Maximilian-UniversityGeschwister-Scholl-Platz 180539 Munich

The event is free but registration is mandatory: Registration: