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Thought-Leadership Workshops in May 2020

Rhea Wessel, an All-Ivy member from Columbia, is offering us her thought-leadership workshops online in May. Do you feel you are an expert in your niche, but your ideas are not being heard? Do you want to go from being an invisible expert to a visible one? If so, check out this three-part interactive series in which you will create the first draft of a thought-leadership style article for your LinkedIn page or company blog.

Note: These workshops are neither typical storytelling workshops, nor are they solely focused on thought leadership. They take you through the three steps to writing like a thought leader:

Workshop 1: Find your thought leadership niche (1.5 hours – interactive)
You will articulate your thought leadership statement.

Workshop 2: Frame your thought leadership stories (continuation – 2 hours – with live story-framing demonstration)
You will create a list of story ideas born from your thought-leadership niche

Workshop 3: Write a thought-leadership story (continuation 2-2.5 hours – small-group work)
You will write a first draft of a story for your LinkedIn profile or a webpage.

Please contact Rhea Wessel to learn about ongoing series of courses.

Max Planck Institute for Brain Research Tour on November 21, 2019

Join us for a tour into one of the leading brain research institutes in the world: the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research. Its research interests include memory and learning, fear, navigation, sleep, brain circuits, and beyond. The tour lasts about 2 hrs, covering institute history, a short brain-research seminar, hands-on laboratory experience, and a building tour.

When: Thursday, November 21, 2019, 5:30 pm

Where: For more information and how to RSVP, please contact your alumni representative.