Enjoy nature with Tufts and other Alumni

The Frankfurt arm of Tufts Alumni Chapter Germany is planning a hike in the Taunus on Saturday, Sept. 19, to which all jumbos, their friends and families as well as non-Tufts alumni from the Ivy Circle are invited.

Summer may be nearly over, but that means the perfect time is coming up to dig up your hiking boots and enjoy the fresh autumn air and the beautiful colors of the forest on a walk in the Taunus! Join us for a walk from Hohemark to the Sandplacken, where we’ll have a picnic lunch at the ruins of the Limes fortification.

The total route will be around 10-12 kilometers, with the part before lunch being about 5.5-6 km (mostly uphill) and the part after lunch shorter at around 4.5 km, (mostly downhill). While the trails should not be very rough, please note that the difference in elevation between Hohemark and Sandplacken is around 300 meters. Do bring a picnic lunch (just for yourself or to share with other hikers) and weatherproof clothing – it might be quite a few degrees colder at the top than at the bottom! Depending on how long we stop for lunch, we should be back at Hohemark by mid-afternoon.