The MIT Club of Germany invites for: Social Impact Investing — Presentation. Gathering. Socializing.

The  MIT CAMPAIGN for a Better World: A dinner salon-type event to listen and speak about:

Social Impact Investing & Entrepreneurship / Technology’s Impact

1) Social Impact Investing – How collective collaboration results in more significant, positive and sus- tainable impact.

Speaker: Entrepreneur, Impact Investing and Family Office Expert, Ms. Dimple Sahni, Managing Di- rector at Anthos (Amsterdam, NL).

2) Technology by Mergeflow AG – an innovative analytic platform that provides unique insights for teams that operate at the intersection of business and R&D – presents a case study on Plant-a-Talent gGmbH and/or SolarWave AB

Speaker: Founder and CEO of Mergeflow AG , Dr. Florian Wolf ( MIT – PhD Cognitive Sciences 2004)

The Event will take place on Nov 16. For details please contact Clemens Rinnebach ([email protected]).