World premiere of the Film “The President’s Tailor” in Berlin

Ivy Circle member Rick Minnich will be celebrating the world premiere of his latest film “The President’s Tailor” as part of the Jewish Film Festival Berlin-Brandenburg. The screening takes place at the Bundesplatz Kino on June 19th at 20:30.

The Ivy Circle will gather with Rick before the film at the Mexican restaurant “Alcatraz” beginning at 6pm for complimentary appetizers and drinks.  The restaurant is located at Bundesplatz 6, right across the theater.

“The Presidents’ Tailor” is a heartwarming story about the Holocaust survivor and star tailor Martin Greenfield, who dressed six US presidents and hundreds of celebrities. The New York Times wrote an extensive tribute to Martin upon his death in March at age 95. The Jewish Journal also ran a cover story about the film. 

An additional screening is planned for June 23rd at 5 p.m. at the Bundesplatz Kino.

There will be a Q&A session with Rick after the film for those interested.

You can reserve a place for the showing at  The Ivy Circle has 5 tickets, preferably earmarked for students and anyone under  hardship, but really available to all on a first come first served basis

For any questions please write me at carl AT alumni DOT princeton DOT edu.

See everyone on June 19 for what should be a wonderful evening.


Carl Kruse
Ivy Circle