MIT Club of Germany – Smart Circular Cities Symposium – Munich Oct 8 2022

This event will not only be comprehensive and vibrant platform for meeting other like-minded people from the MIT community, but also one to look back on many years of get-togethers, to exchanging views & thoughts and to uncountable common activities. It is also a departure point for the next 30 years that will – no doubt – be full of challenges and opportunities for the MIT community to contribute to our society, our economy, and our planet.

This year’s AGM is dedicated to the broad topic area of Smart Circular Cities and is anchored in the Climate Change Matter Series, which we have been running since 2020

On Saturday, we are glad to invite you to a hugely dense and informative Symposium on “Smart Circular Cities” – looking at the concept of Circularity and trying to understand how this may impact cities, industries and economies at large. In addition to having some outstanding speakers and guests, we also aimed to get into the “doing” by identifying a few intriguing Start-Ups in this field and building a mentorship program for them in order to provide them access to the MIT network and the know-how therein. They too will talk about their approaches and why they believe it is worth investing in solutions for a better world.

For further details please contact Clemens Rinnebach ([email protected])